BC Resto Druid: Greenhealer’s Garb

Sometimes I find that there’s a single item that I want to build an outfit around. Tabards are the common ones, because they’re so distinctive and in-your-face. But sometimes it’s a piece I pick up while leveling, something that I don’t really think about but it becomes attached to the character somehow.

Cynli is my level 70 Druid twink. She’s frozen at that level and won’t go past it, and she’s where I’ve spent a lot of my playtime the last few months. I figured early on that I wanted to create very different looks for different specs of toons, primarily so that I could look at them and very quickly figure out if they were in the right spec. With a resto/feral Druid that’s pretty easy, since the sets aren’t shared.

I decided to go green for resto and red for feral. I’m pretty simple like that.


Her Resto set is built around the chest piece, Greenhealer’s Garb. This piece is a BoE drop for level 69, with a distinctive scaled/woven look to it. The only matching textures, however, seem to be the Overcaster Battlegear, crafted PvP gear for level 78, and an assortment of level 80 pieces (including a kilt.) All of those are out of reach, so I went in a different direction, finding other green leather badge gear from Burning Crusade to fill in the outfit.

Cynli is using the Talon Branch as the MH; it’s a very simple cudgel which I think helps contribute to the stripped down look of this outfit. This is supposed to be a Druid who is focused on PvP, and instead of a wild outfit it’s just nice, green leather armor.


Here’s the thing. I like the outfit well enough, but I don’t think I really love it. I think my problem comes down to the boots.

The gloves are thick and solid at the forearms, giving them a gauntlet-like appearance. This gives the arm definition and solidity. The boots are thin and tapered, ending just short of the pants, with a skull motif on them. This gives Cynli an unbalanced look on her legs, making them look thin and spindly while her arms are the opposite. It’s distracting. The skulls would match if I went with the Amani Garb look, but on a resto druid they’re out of place.

The final problem that I think is going on here is the greens don’t quite match. The Bog Spaulders are a good match, but the badge gear is a darker green.

So I’m willing to put this outfit up, but I also recognize that there are some flaws with it.

What do you think? Is this mog outfit fab, or fug?


4 thoughts on “BC Resto Druid: Greenhealer’s Garb

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