Northrend Leveling: Spiked Cobalt Plus

Staying fashionable while leveling can be quite a challenge. You want to take advantage of the gear that drops, but don’t to look like just any adventurer off the street. Finding looks that go together with the gear your ripping off your enemies and getting as careless quest rewards in the World of Warcraft can lead to some interesting results.

Ashwalker is wearing Viking-inspired Northrend fashions in this outfit, based upon the Spiked Cobalt Battlegear set. The Spiked Cobalt Plate set is the crafted DPS plate set for the early 70s, fairly easy to have crafted if you have the time to prepare for it. The shoulders and boots, however, have been replaced with quest rewards that matched color and general style, but had a more aggressive, bulkier look that seems more suited for tanking than the slimmer Cobalt Plate.


This outfit is a combination of crafted items and quest rewards.

The helm is an interesting choice. I rather like it, which is unusual as I don’t like most non-tier helms. It’s an open-faced helmet with a noseguard and has a strong Vyrkul/Viking look without going over the top with horns and fake mustaches. It resembles the 7th Legion uniforms in use at Wintergard Keep in Dragonblight.

Surprisingly, the Spiked Cobalt Shoulders are completely lacking in spikes. I didn’t think that was appropriate. If you’re wearing a spiked set, there should be spikes somewhere on the outfit. Otherwise it’s just false advertising! So I replaced them with matching spiked shoulders from a quest within the Nexus,

The gloves are from Azjol-Nerub. The boots are from a questline in eastern Dragonblight. Both of them are bulkier than the standard crafted model and give the outfit more heft and weight. Ashwalker is a protection warrior, and it’s good to look like your armor has substance.

Ash is using her orange/gold weapon combo:

Depending on the accents you choose for the outfit, you might be able to get away with darker, subdued colors on your blades and shields, especially if they match a tabard (SSO tabard would be great with this outfit.) I’m a fan of this sword/board combo, though.

This outfit is relatively easy to have waiting for you as you hit Northrend, so you won’t have to spend one minute looking out of place.


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