Drive-By Mogging: Keone of Lightbringer

Drive-By Mogging is when we see a mogged outfit that we really like – or makes us stop and go, what the fug were they thinking? – and let you know what we think about it. Either way. We’ll take fashion hits and disasters here on GMY. 🙂

Pictured above is Keone of Lightbringer, one of the three winners of the Mogfather’s recent giveaway contests (and soon to be featured in PC Magazine!)

I see why Keel chose this outfit as one of his winners – it brings together pieces from many different sources in a way that feels complete. I love sets that you go, dang, that should be a tier set.

Here’s the outfit on Wowhead, so you can view it in 3D.

The shield is an interesting choice – the accents around the rim are really suited to the outfit, but I can imagine that it’s difficult to coordinate with. It goes perfectly with this outfit.

This is an interesting outfit on both male and female characters. Yes, the female version has bright orange-gold hot pants, but the male version shows a surprising amount of skin, too. The Hyperion Armor bares the midriff on both sexes, which actually looks good on races with decent male models. (Blood elves, mostly. Let’s be honest.) This is not a subtle outfit by any stretch of the imagination, and I’m okay with that.

Well played, Keone. Well played.


See an outfit you think we should take a look at? Need to call in the fashion police for a drive-by mogging? Drop us a line!


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