Ornate Mail: For Those Special Occasions

I’m not going to lie. I love pretty things. Pretty things like scrollwork, shining silver, and light colors. As such, one of my favorite gearsets in the game is the Ornate mail set. Not because of the fabulous itemization (Ornate Breastplate of the Gorilla.. seriously?). Not because of the medium item level (54-58) making it pretty easy to farm as an 85. I love this set because of the belt.

Sassy Marsaili in her Ornate Mail

Look at that pretty, shiny scrollwork on the belt. What’s not to love!

This particular transmog set contains the following items:

Each of these items can be purchased on the AH as they are all Bind on Equip (BOE). You may even luck out with the price, too. I bought most of these pieces for under 100g each.

I also really like the bluish color of the mail itself. It looks cool to the touch and very polished. In a way that is actually not very similar, the Ornate set reminds me a little bit of the armor that Cate Blanchett wore as Elizabeth I of England in “Elizabeth: The Golden Age.”

Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth I. Shiny, pretty scrollwork e'rrywhere. :>

The delicate nature of some of the details, especially around the knees of the legguards/greaves and breastplate, is what gives this armor its je ne sais quoi. Juxtaposed against my shaman’s oftentimes melee-focused healing, while she’s slashing around doling out the watery heals… This set is pretty badass.

Lookit that dorf booty. You're jealous.

Since I can’t make up my mind about discussing the “platekini” debate, I will simply link this fabulous post at Mad Art Lab and say the following:

Fundamentally, the heart of the issue is objectification of women and internalized sexism — women say they like the armor because it makes their characters pretty. That’s a social construct, people. It’s nurturing at its most innocuous. The women who want to look sexy or their characters to look sexy aren’t the problem — it’s a problem with the culture that reinforces the stereotypes/objectification. Additionally, a woman’s choice to wear skimpy armor in a virtual world should never be ignored. That choice may be self-objectification (which possibly taints the whole idea of it being a “choice”, honestly). But within the constraints of a system like World of Warcraft, women have the right to choose. Some women feel empowered by showing off their bodies. Some women feel sexy dresses in skimpy clothes. No one has the right to tell them they are wrong to feel that way. 

In the end, transmogrification is a very subjective, personal matter. So I ask you, fair reader, which mail set is your favorite? Why do you like it? Tell me in the comments!


10 thoughts on “Ornate Mail: For Those Special Occasions

  1. This is a great outfit – the detail is wonderful, and Marsaili looks strong and sexy and powerful all at the same time. It’s a great look.

    I have to go level my shaman now!

    • The combination of gold and bluish silver mail is really pretty. I’m actually not a big fan of gold or gilded things in real life, but I LOVE it on this armor set.

      And yes, level dat shamblin. :>

  2. Ooo This is actually really pretty. I really like the gold around the neck, it pulls it together nicely. Oh man, I had that shield yesterday and I NPCed it. DX

  3. nice lizzyuh! 😀 i have trouble finding mail outfits that look good on Puddings (she is unmogged at the moment:


    ..Ornate might be an option, but goblins are just so tiny. T12 looks very nice on them, but i dont have the opportunity much. Any tips for dressing a mail-wearing tiny creature?!

    “So I ask you, fair reader, which mail set is your favorite?”

    I have a couple mogging enthisuast troll hunters in my guild. The lady troll has gone full on shaman – hunter in a skirt on fire. it’s awesome 😀

    the other, the boy troll, looks like a Caopone-era gangster and i freaking love it.

    (apologies if they log out in their PvP gear and arent anything like what i described XD )

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