It’s Not Priestie Being Green (Unless It Is.)

This is the current set being worn by my Dwarf Priest, Brytta.

It’s a mix of level 20 greens and BOE drops from Outlands. As displayed it’d require level 68, but there are several similar models at lower levels.

Brytta is  from an old, cold-weather Dun Morogh family. I like how the colors and the hood of the outfit tie into the traditional garb of the Dun Morogh Mountaineer outfits. She’s not a very traditional priest, she came to the Faith through a long digression into Pirate-themed Ale Rock, which is a transmog story for another day. She’s a healer with faith in the power of the Light, but a distrust for the trappings of the Priesthood, and it grates on her to fall into “priestie-stereo-types”, as she says. This works out well for you, the player, because usually green colored gear isn’t picked up on as a good transmog market. I paid no more than 9G for any of these pieces.

A similar look for lower levels, but with less interesting scrollwork, uses more of the straight Ivy Regalia, which comes in both the robe form and a darker green and grey tunic/pants version. I prefer the accessories from the Eldr’naan set, which are all bright green. Some of the Eldr’naan pieces have pink demonic-style scrollwork (think the classic “Outlands Clown Suit”) and then a archanid-ish grey green organic shoulder. The Belt and Hood are the only gold-trimmed pieces.  I don’t really personally think they all match well as a set. What do you think?

I find that the outfit is grounded with basic, solid earth toned boots and gloves. After all, she’s at work in the field, trawling through the frozen wastes of Northrend right now. She needs to stay warm. The set shown are just quest rewards from Northrend Dungeons, but any simple black or brown would work.  If you wanted to go brighter, I would consider going red or orange if possible, for more contrast, rather than matching the greens. (Many of the “set” greens have strange sandals which ruin the mountaineer influence, or big purple glove cuffs, etc.) What would you use if not black/brown?

Her Fire staff is a nod both to her somewhat combustible personality, and her red hair. You might find it too elvish, either Santa’s elves with the red and green, or the Blood Elves, as it shares a model with some early starting zone gear in Silvermoon and the Scryers. If you too have more money than sense and aren’t mogging over a useful enchant, I recommend Fiery Weapon. For reals. This thing is badass.


4 thoughts on “It’s Not Priestie Being Green (Unless It Is.)

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