Making Worgen Warriors Look Good: Matthew Rossi

You may know Matthew Rossi as the author of the Care and Feeding of Warriors column for WoW Insider (in addition to Know Your Lore and Ol’ Grumpy, among others), where he gets into the details of  one of my favorite classes: Warriors. (I’m just saying, we may not have the best hair, but hot damn are we the most fun.)

But did you know that he loves transmogrification? And that he makes Worgen Warriors look good?

Oh. He wrote about that already. So maybe you do know it.


*shuffles papers*

Well, Matt has been experimenting with his Worgen Warrior alt’s look, picking and choosing some of the looks from various tiers to create a badass look suitable for a wielder of Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood. He sent in the above picture of his current set:

Here is the complete linked set on Wowhead, so you can see what it looks like on various races. (Right click on the little triangle, choose View in 3D.)

I like this outfit, especially on the worgen male model. While there are a lot of dark colors in here, the bronze and gold highlights in the T6 shoulders and gloves goes well with the bronze in the helm and belt. Pairing the T6 with the T10 chest/legs really works well here, as it makes the T6 pop.

The centerpiece of this outfit is, appropriately enough, a really big red sword, and the highlights on the helm pull to it. The gem in the center of the helm invokes the eye of Ashkandi, and the boots and cloak make it clear that the weapon is the important gear here.

Playing around with the models a bit, I found that upgrading the T10 pieces to Sanctified (Heroic) adds a red inlay to the outfit really makes it the whole thing come alive. The engraving ties into the scales of Ashkandi’s hilt while still retaining a sense of unity between the T6, and adds interest to the outfit without dominating. It also pulls the boots and cloak into the ensemble as a whole. It’s a bit of work to get those pieces on an alt, but that’s about the only thing I’d change in this outfit.

I, uh, might be stealing parts of this as I level up my own Warrior. She already has the boots. 🙂

Thanks for sending this outfit in, Matt!

Have an outfit you’re particularly proud of? Want a chance to write up your own outfits here? Drop Cynwise a line here or on Twitter at @wowcynwise!


One thought on “Making Worgen Warriors Look Good: Matthew Rossi

  1. My warrior may not have the greatest gear, having only recently turned 85, & it’s a fairly simple look, but I still think it looks pretty cool – the armor is all transmogged to Brutal Gladiator’s Battlegear with a Brutal Gladiator’s Cleaver & a Titansteel Shield Wall. I’m not really too thrilled with the weapon for now; as long as it’s big and shiny, it can wait:)

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