Tremendous Tankards of Transmogrification

Originally I rolled my rogue to experience a melee DPS class.  (And to have a skinner/leatherworker.)

Then I found the combat spec, and it then became all about the prettiest weapon animations.  I’m particularly found of axes and fist weapons.  My alt shifted from being a competent rogue to a rogue who wields what she likes, damn the theorycrafting.

The outfit is based around the Brewfest outfit, with the tankards as the anchor pieces. I wanted it to look Brewfesty while still being in actual gear.  The helm is player’s choice; you can look Jets’ “cool” or crazy or like a buffoon with a simple helm swap.

Although the bracers aren’t in this picture, you can use some brown bracers if your current ones aren’t cool with the set.  It was a bit of a challenge finding shoulders that weren’t intruding, and just about any bike-gloves-style gloves will work.

Unfortunately, as most of the set is comprised of rare greens, it’ll take me forever to build up to this set.  ðŸ˜¦

This set includes:

Full set for Wowhead models: Click on the little triangle –> View in 3D.


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