Nymphy: AQ Dresses are Best Dresses

Okay! Now we’re getting into something near and dear to my heart – AQ fashion.

Nymphy of D/E the Tank pinged me about her eponymous arcane mage that she recently wrote up on her weblog. She’s really excited to get out of the “ugly, feathery, wrestling belt gear,” and while a few of the mage tier sets appealed, she decided to go build her own set.

Here’s the entire set if you want to see it in 3D.

Nymphy already talked about her trials in getting just the right color of the AQ robe design, so I won’t go into that here. The real problem is the massive amount of skin that the robes show, and how to design an entire outfit around it. One of the unique challenges moggers face over roleplayers is that they have to find matches for every visible piece of gear. If you aren’t trying to raid in an outfit, you can omit slots that just don’t work! I do this all the time on my banking toons – if they’re wearing a Lovely Dress of any color, they’re not wearing pants, belt, or shoulderpads. Any of those articles ruin the look of the dress.

So, robes that expose a lot of leg like the Vestments of the Shifting Sands are tough to work with. You really have two choices – either try to match the color and texture (thereby eliminating the side slit) or embrace it the sexy leg, and show off as much as possible. The first option can often be difficult to find a decent color match – in this case, Nymphy could have paired the Vestments with the Resplendent Sarong for a decent look, but instead she embraced the +5 Sex Leg bonus and went to show off as much as possible with the Black Mageweave Leggings. As she put it, “… makes them look like garters now.”

Another option to the Mageweave Leggings is the old hot pants standby, Ancestral Woollies, which have a very high cut on the thighs with a low rise. The only problem is they are a little tattered, and that ragged edge peeks through the beltline of the Vestments, like so.

The hood and shoulders are another interesting problem to overcome with these robes. Generally, smaller is better, and the Aurora Mantle does a nice job keeping the attention on the dress. The hood matches the shoulders, so has a distinct look, but another option would be to go with a small, violet-trimmed shoulder like the Bright Mantle and hide the headpiece entirely. This gives you a look more like this.

I understand why Blizzard doesn’t want to allow invisible items all over the place in transmogging. But there are some slots where it’s unfortunate that they don’t consider allowing you to hide the option. Hiding the shoulders, belt and tabard would really allow showcasing a lot of the robes and dresses in the game.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk more about tabards.

Thanks for the submission, Nymphy!


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