Druid of the Shattered Sun

I really like experimenting with transmogrification. I can try out a look – multiple looks – without having it impact my character’s performance. I’m not tied to having a character look a given way for any longer than it takes for me to find a new outfit. And with GMY, I can record outfits for posterity. 🙂

I find that I’m bumping into the technical limits of the mogging system, though. When I get a new tabard, I look at it and go … can I make this work with my latest outfit, or do I need a new outfit? (A particular problem with cloth wearers, let’s be honest, tabards and robes are terrible together.) More and more, I’m erring on ‘need a new outfit.’ I’d like to be able to design a look and store it for specific situations – when I’m in a particular zone or doing a particular activity I’d like a certain dress. Northrend gets you all bundled up, Tanaris gets you the AQ outfits, and Stormwind/Org gets you city clothes.

(Yes, I am that vain with my toons, and no, I don’t have a problem with it.)

I recently reached Exalted with the Shattered Sun Offensive on my resto druid twink, Cynli, she of the green windowpane outfit, the outfit that I wasn’t entirely happy with. Narci and I went back and forth privately about what didn’t work with that outfit – I thought it was the boots, she thought it was the pants, and probably we’re both right – so when the chance presented itself to get my druid a new outfit, I jumped at it.

The centerpiece is the gorgeous SSO tabard, of course. The black, white and gold tabard is still one of the best looking designs in the game, and I wanted to feature it prominently. The idea behind this outfit was to give the look of a Shattered Sun soldier – an idea that crystalized when I walked out of one of the SSO buildings and the NPCs started talking back to me. (That is so cool, by the way. More reputations need to work that way.)

After looking at the offerings on the AH, I decided to go with a white leather outfit. There are a variety of looks used by the SSO NPCs – they’re not uniformly white or black – but I thought the white would be a striking look.

I like the feel of this outfit. It makes me think that Cynli really is part of the Shattered Sun Offensive, blending in with the look of the the NPCs without feeling generic. There isn’t a single SSO uniform to copy, but rather a general aesthetic to try to capture.


Most of these pieces are BoE green leathers you can find on the AH, with a few blues tossed in for flavor. The hardest item to get is the SSO tabard.

The white leather Righteous Garb set forms the basis for this outfit. It’s not a bad set when complete by any means, but there were some little touches that weren’t quite what I wanted.

The Sheepshear Mantle is the same model as the Righteous Spaulders, but was actually cheaper than the set piece (despite being a blue). In mogging, there are no penalties for going off-brand. 🙂

Boots often give me problems. Cuffed, flared, or smooth? Chunky or flat? Contrasting or uniform? The Righteous Boots have the folding cuff which gives solidity to the line of the leg (and might be very flattering to male models), but I didn’t like the look on Cynli’s long elven legs. I went with the streamlined white Grim Boots instead.

I don’t like the look of the Righteous Belt with the SSO tabard. The gold accents on the Nightshade Girdle ties in much better with the tabard, allowing a clean flow of the SSO design instead of putting a distracting white line across the midsection. Without the tabard, it’s a bad match, but with it I prefer it.

The Nightshade Helmet gives the whole thing a vaguely formal military air; this is an outfit that feels incomplete without the headpiece. You can pull it off with the right hairstyle, but Cynli’s ponytail wasn’t it.

I reverted main hand to the Sunwell-era PvP mace instead of the big stick she was using before. The stick was incongruous with the modern white and black look of this outfit.

There are two issues I have with this outfit, and they’re both small. The first is that this outfit is not druidic. It has an austerity and coldness to it more suited to holy crusaders than protectors of the forest. That’s okay – I think it fits the theme of the Shattered Sun Offensive – but I also know that it might present problems down the road. I may try to alleviate this with a set of antlers, perhaps the S2 Arena helm, and see if that look still fits in with the theme of the outfit.

The second issue is that the outfit is very much an NPC outfit. It fits in so well with the SSO look, it doesn’t stand out in a crowd in Stormwind. It’s perfect for roleplaying, but it lacks … a heroic feel? An epic quality? This is both a strength and a weakness of NPC-inspired outfits – you can take the part of an ordinary person in Azeroth doing extraordinary things. That’s not a bad thing, especially if that’s their story. But it lessens the special snowflake syndrome.

That’s okay. Sometimes you don’t need to be a special snowflake.

Sometimes, it’s good to just be a soldier with a good cause.


7 thoughts on “Druid of the Shattered Sun

  1. She looks amazing. Wow. So different. Your last part, of that NPC-ish feel, I think sits particularly well with the SSO. They were such engaging quests, to me, and such a part of a server-wide activity. It’s like an AQ Gate event that isn’t time limited, they’re still there, even though they’re stuck in a static state.

    Norm has a fairly well fleshed out portion of her backstory where she’s working with the SSO after the events of Sunwell, into LK, after most of the rest of Azeroth’s adventurers had left them behind. (I spent a lot of time there doing dailies in early Lich king, for no real reason, as a lvl 70 resto druid. It was a memorable, painful experience.) She actually wears Of the Shattered Sun as her title most frequently. I think adopting that uniform is a perfectly logical extension of feeling like you’ve really ground out not just a series of reputation points but actually accomplished something for a well-defined faction with goals. I LIKE feeling like a tiny cog in a great big wheel.

    I like thinking about how someone from the Cenarion Circle ended up working with a bunch of paladins, and how they’d gain each other’s respect. The outfit is more rouge-like, but I also think the SSO wouldn’t really care as long as the demons got done. My first thought to dress it up a little was switching out the Shadowskin shoulders for the variegated gray and the gold trim, but I’m not sure it matches, at least from the front. For a more subtle druid influence in the same colors, maybe the Ruffled Chaplet? http://www.wowhead.com/item=5753 I think the full S2 antlers would demark her more as an emissary than an honorary member? #OverThinkingIt

  2. I think what really impresses me most of this set, is I had no idea there were leathers that looked so plate-like.

    This set doesn’t really scream “druid” to me, I’d genuinely expect someone with a shield and sword to be Warbringer charging across WSG as a flag carrier if I just saw the character set up in game.

    But, the “uniform” look is very fantastic, and does lend itself well to drawing the attention towards the tabard.

    • There’s actually a fair few plate-like leathers. This set, for example, I’ve always thought was totally nuts, those crazy black and gold hubcab shoulders! (Its the rogue T1 recolor) http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=389 The chest piece reminds me a bit of the headpiece to the new T13 priest gear, even.

      Also check out some of the recolors, like these silver ones: http://www.wowhead.com/item=9411 Rockshard Pauldrons, I believe this shares a model with some early BS craftables in bronze.

  3. That tabard is gorgeous! Those recolors you linked above, Narci, are pretty cool too. They’re giving me new ideas for my druid outfits.

    Guys, I am really enjoying this blog 🙂

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