Fabulor the Blood Knight

When Fabulor hit level 85, I had quite a hard time picking out a transmog outfit for him. Everything was so…big, and bulky, and war-like. It wasn’t his style. I’m not sure how it is for other races, but most plate shoulders look comically huge on male Blood Elves, something I did NOT want for Fabulor. No, I wanted something distinctive without being absurdly attention-grabbing, and of course, it had to look good – proper color coordination, a suitable tabard and cloak, etc.

I decided to start with the tabard, since I’ve always loved the charcoal black/red scheme of the Blood Knights. Now, there’s a rather standard “Blood Knight” outfit that’s almost entirely purchasable in Shattrath, but I’ve never enjoyed that particular look. The reds were too bright, the metal looked too…cheap. It wouldn’t do.

However, I remembered a nice-looking black and red set from Wrath of the Lich King, the Tempered Saronite set, and realized it would work perfectly for Fabulor’s Blood Knight look. It would also be a return to the “Dark Fabulor” style I had sported for a short time while leveling.

The original Dark Fabulor outfit. Remember, this was before transmogrification existed, and it was a legitimate set of actual gear I was using, not a stand-around-in-town RP set.

Most of the Tempered Saronite set can be obtained quite easily from Blacksmithing, but I was surprised to see that you could also achieve the look through various visually-identical quest rewards and dungeon drops. In fact, I don’t actually use any actual Tempered Saronite pieces for transmog. I also decided to mix up a few pieces, in particular a different chestpiece as I wanted one with a high, dark neck.

Helm: Display off, to show Fabulor’s crimson locks
Shoulders: Halgrind Epaulets*
Back: Blood Knight War Cloak
Chest: Chestplate of the Northern Lights
Tabard: Blood Knight Tabard
Hands: Gauntlets of the Culling*
Waist: Chain of Unleashed Rage
Legs: Mightstone Legplates*
Feet: Greaves of the Traitor*
* = identical piece available in the Tempered Saronite set

Obviously, you have to be a Blood Elf Paladin to get the Blood Knight Tabard, but the Tabard of the Dragonmaw Clan, Orgrimmar Tabard or Baradin’s Wardens Tabard all make decent alternatives.

As far as weapons go? Fabulor actually has a few different sets. His classic choice is a Silvermoon-colored mace paired with a lovely handful of flowers (this IS Fabulor, after all).

Main Hand: Ascendant’s Scepter
Off-Hand: Lei of the Lifegiver

However, he also has a more serious weapon set, a silver mace modeled after the Silvermoon crest paired with a simple yet elegant silver scepter. The bright, clean silver colors are a nice contrast to the dark Blood Knight shades.

Main Hand: Silvermoon War-Mace
Off-Hand: Raincaller Scepter

Fabulor also uses a golden version of the Silvermoon mace when he’s hitting things as Retribution. I would have preferred a completely red mace color, but it still looks great to be wielding the exact symbol you’re wearing right on your chest.

Two-Hand Weapon: Blood Knight Maul

Fabulor’s outfit isn’t anything insanely creative, but I am very happy with it. No garish neon colors, no spikes or skulls or blades poking out everwhere, and shoulderplates that you could actually walk through a door with! The streamlined, slender appearance was really my objective, as I think it’s befitting a Holy Paladin (why wear giant armor if you’re not getting smacked around in melee?) as well as appropriate for Fabulor’s snooty, refined personality.


7 thoughts on “Fabulor the Blood Knight

  1. I actually would have NEVER thought to combine those colors with this tabard. And that makes me disappointed in my fashion sense. BECAUSE IT LOOKS SO GOOD.

  2. I love the look of the matching maces. I’ve been trying to get a copy of the one-handed mace for a while now and with the matching two-hander, it would be prefect for myself and my partner who likes to have matching races, outfits 🙂

    Just managed to acquire both of these on the Alliance AH just now. Just need to sell them over 😛

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