Zesty Rogue Leathers with the Natural Tang of Exotic Shoulders

What do you do when your classic outfit for screenshots doesn’t work for transmog? You idle around in Druid Tier 6 lookalike for a few months, unhappy with how the shoulders cut into your hair, and keep collecting gear until something finally clicks. In my case, getting a new pair of shoulders last week was the inspiration I needed to change my transmog outfit from look-alike tier into a more creative set.

(This title brought to you by Narci, who when I asked what I should name this article, decided it should be named after an ice cream flavor’s description instead of “Blackfang Battleweave, Personalized.” Honestly, the metaphor works.)

Head: Cursed Vision of Sargeras
Shoulders: Blackfang Battleweave Spaulders
Chest: Grizzly Jerkin
Wrist: Bracers of Manifold Pockets
Gloves: Ravenholdt Gloves
Belt: Ruthless Gladiator’s Waistband of Cruelty
Legs: Earthborn Kilt
Feet: Veteran’s Dragonhide Boots
Shirt: Neophyte’s Shirt
Weapons: Fang of Oblivion

The outfit builds upon the classic harness and kilt silhouette that I use for all screenshots. It uses a relatively tight color scheme: light and dark browns with grey detailing and neon blue accents on the shoulders and daggers. It’s not meant to be a flashy outfit, but one a worldly and world-weary Kaldorei rogue would wear on a day off from spying, looting valuables, or slaying demons. It’s a mixture of current and past raid epics, PvP gear, and world-drop BoEs, so this will take a while to put together. Like any good rogue, the work I do also helps myself–several of the new Wowhead transmog features I’ve worked on were quite useful in picking these items. The color sorter suggested similar brown items, while the Same Model As tab found me an alternate chest in the first place.


The Cursed Vision is an important part of Perc’s character from both raiding and lore angles–and as such, it’s incorporated into all of my vanity outfits. Perc is essentially a delinquent demon hunter that showed promise but never completed the extreme training which would have culminated in being bound to a demon and losing her eyes. (She instead spent the intermittent millennia as a risk-taking yet efficient spy for Shandris Feathermoon–utilizing some of the agile techniques of demon hunters in her successes.)

She initially wore a blindfold in her youth as a street vendor in pre-Sundering Suramar. It helped her eyes adjust to the darkness for night missions, forced her to develop her other senses, and drew bypassers into a mental game–they’d assume she was weak, let their guard down, and she’d profit. For a period of time immediately following the Sundering, she did in fact have weakened eyesight from being in the wrong place at the wrong time–partially her fault–and her past training ensured her survival. Demon hunters used blindfolds in a similar way–initiates would train wearing them to learn how to fight without sight, and then after the final rituals, would wear a blindfold to cover their seared eye-sockets. Over thousands of years, she’s perfected her combat technique of using a semi-opaque blindfold to focus in combat and rely on her sharply-trained senses.

As a blindfold is part of the standard demon hunter silhouette, which is similar to casual Kaldorei fashion, it makes sense that incorporating other armor pieces would follow–a light harness, kilt, sandals. However, there aren’t many harnesses in game that are moggable–most are common-quality. As for this particular harness, it’s the only moggable version of my favorite model, the Battered Leather Harness. While there are more moggable options for kilts–there’s a limited amount of non-tier leather ones. There are several brown options (including Kilt of Sewn Flesh and Giant Friend Kilt) but Earthborn Kilt was the best, even though it was lighter than the other brown armor pieces. The stitching at the bottom and dark footwraps peeking out helped unify the look, as well as wearing a light-brown halter shirt underneath the dark-brown harness.

I like using rogue tier whenever possible for vanity outfits, as some demon hunter NPCs wear armor based on rogue sets, such as Alandien in modified Netherblade. The Tier 13 shoulders are brown and silver, with long spikes and bat mouths breathing neon blue fire. It’s both delicate and dangerous at once. I found that the silver detailing on the current season’s PvP belt matched the darker parts of the Tier 13 shoulders, the top, as well as stitching on the kilt. The downwards-pointing pentagon belt-buckle also served as a visual complement to the upwards-pointing harness buckle.

For the most part, wrists don’t matter for transmog–but they do for this outfit. The Ravenholdt Gloves are essentially wristguards with some outside padding, allowing the ends of the grey-brown wrists to peek through. Bulky gloves are sometimes fine, but I preferred a sleeker look here to balance out the delicate sharp spikes on the shoulders.

Choosing a moggable weapon was tricky, because rogues are locked into using daggers this tier with the legendary questline–and Perc’s signature weapon is a set of glaives that rest on her back. I chose a whimsical dagger from Ulduar that echoed the blue in the shoulders and reminded me of a great raiding time. The constellations are partially obscured by the Landslide enchant, but the mixture of the blue constellation glow with the yellow rocks offsets the daintiness of the weapons. I initially opted for the Fang of the Faceless, an unobtainable dagger with a visible black smoky glow (and my very first epic weapon!), but decided that adding black to the color mix was too visually distracting. If I wasn’t limited to weapon type, I’d want to farm up the Dragonscale-Encrusted Longblade for a blue elven sword that sheathed on my back. Or Thunderfury or the ubiquitous glaives.

I’m still hoping to convert my classic pink blood-soaked look into Mog form–so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out all the features on Wowhead I keep spamming twitter about 🙂


4 thoughts on “Zesty Rogue Leathers with the Natural Tang of Exotic Shoulders

  1. I likes it! I’s findin’ what me moggin’ designs is increasingly goin’ the same route, with fancy shoulders but more basics on the chest and hands and the rest.

    • I have several outfits that are following this same pattern, too. Wild shoulders, wild helm, relatively understated everything else. Sometimes it works (like here), and sometimes I’m like… I need smaller shoulders. 🙂

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