Making Warcraft Look Better: A Transmogrification Wishlist

Freezy and Ash peoplewatching in Stormwind. Yes, we're judgmental Night Elves. >.>

As I look at more and more outfits with an eye towards transmogrification, the more tweaks I find I would make to make the World of Warcraft more fashionable. Here are some of the suggestions I’ve come up with – would love to hear your feedback in the comments! (Once we have a good list going, let’s get it onto the official forums.

Here we go.

1) Extend the ability to hide certain slots of gear.

In order of preference, allow us to hide:

  • Waist
  • Shoulders
  • Bracers
  • Gloves
  • Tabards

Belts are the single most problematic piece of gear to match in an outfit. In some ways it’s the mark of a serious outfit – having taken the time to find a belt that really works with a look shows attention to detail. But many looks – cloth, especially – have no visually matching belts, or the options that exist really mar the look of the outfit. NPCs can get around this by not wearing belts; PCs can’t.

Shoulders might be controversial to hide. They are part of the Warcraft “look,” they help denote progression (the better your gear, the bigger your shoulders), but they also ruin the look of many dresses, robes, and otherwise great chest pieces.

Bracers and Gloves would be nice to turn off, but not anywhere as helpful as belts. They just can sometimes detract from an otherwise clean look.

I debated putting Tabards on this list at all. Part of the appeal of tabards is that you are actively championing a faction when you wear them, and therefore you damn well better be willing to put up with wearing the colors. The other part of me recoils in horror when I see how those colors look. (This is why outfit macros are your friend!)

There’s a secondary issue with hiding belts and tabards due to how many tabards are designed. If you hide the belt, some tabards will have a gap where the belt should go. This gap is there in the artwork and going back to fix them doesn’t make a lot of sense. That said, I would still rather be able to hide the belt and deal with this gap on a case by case basis.

Belts are rather a big deal.


2) Allow use of white-quality gear in transmogrification.

There is so much great artwork in this game, and so many white quality clothes, that it’s really a pity that we can’t use them to mog. The starting area outfits are really well designed – they’re supposed to be, they exist to draw us into a character concept! Many of these outfits capture the look and feel of a race and/or class, and would be fantastic to use past the first 10 levels. Not only is the art great, there’s something to be said for being able to level in clothing that makes you look like a novice.

There are also several low level gear sets which are a mix of greens and whites which are pretty much unusable because of this rule. It’s a pity, they’re nice looking sets, but often they lack shoulders or pants or something silly because of this.

Mostly, I have just found so many great white items at vendors throughout the game that would be great to use, and have to set them aside because they can’t be mogged.

If there are concerns about specific pieces being used, omit those items but let the others through. 🙂

3) Allow heirlooms which cross armor types (Leather to Mail, Mail to Plate) to be mogged by either armor type.

This is a real irritant when leveling any plate wearer or hunter/shaman for the first 40 levels with heirloom chests/shoulders – you can’t mog them to match the leveling gear you’re picking up. The heirlooms are a different armor class than your character can currently equip, so you can’t assemble a complete set of leveling gear and create a uniform look.

  • Hunters and Shaman from 1-40 can only equip leather armor. Their heirloom pieces are classified as Mail but can be equipped through some kind of heirloom magic, which is great. When they hit 40, they can start getting an entire set of Mail to match and mog. Before 40, though, they can’t equip any Mail armor, so they can’t mog their chest piece or shoulder. At best, they can save the Mail items they get from questing < 40 and mog them later.
  • Warriors and Paladins have it even worse, because they can’t even choose Plate rewards to use later on. There’s no Plate armor before level 40, meaning that their outfits will always be uncoordinated and they’ll never be able to really return to the look of their youth. Maybe that’s for the best – I don’t want to go back to the ’80s, for example – but it would be nice to level in coordinated outfits.

This is one of those little things that bugs me a lot on my lowbie alts. Making it so you could mog Mail -> Plate heirlooms and Leather -> Mail heirlooms would make me a happy altoholic.

4) Lower the cost of mogging heirloom helms and cloaks.

You could make the argument that mogging is too expensive, that it needs to be more accessible to players of different income levels. I’m not really in agreement with that, because I do see it as a luxury gold sink, but at the same time I think that if prices were dropped a bit it would be better for the game overall.

The one part I do feel strongly enough on to make this list, though, is the cost of mogging heirloom helms and cloaks. These are the most expensive items to mog in the game, by a lot – 375g – and they are the ones I would actually like to mog the most as I level. Pick up a sweet helm in Gnomer? Huh, haven’t generated enough income on this alt to justify using it. Got a matching cape to that nice leveling outfit I just put together? Huh, well, I guess I can hide my cloak for a while longer.

Reducing the prices on these two item types would just make mogging one’s whole outfit while leveling less of a burden.

Okay, those are my top three items. What would you like to see? Let me know in the comments!


17 thoughts on “Making Warcraft Look Better: A Transmogrification Wishlist

  1. The argument about shoulders and power level has gotten thrown out the window with transmogrification (I refuse to use “mogging”). So I don’t particularly see why they wouldn’t let you hide shoulders except as a “we don’t want to end up letting you hide everything”, move.

    Maybe it’s a technical issue? Lord knows the programming for this game seems like it’s all weirdly intertwined. Maybe they could simply make a shoulder piece you can buy that literally has no model. If they want, they could make it really expensive.

    • I thought about that slippery slope to hiding everything when thinking about hiding pants. Nymphy’s AQ outfit highlighted this problem – some outfits have leg slits, but showing the pants through them is troublesome. I think the Winter Clothes behaves correctly, hiding the existing legs and showing the holiday shorts. There are several healing plate chests which do this as well, providing the skirt as part of the chest (like a robe.) There are ways around this in the current model, and a rework of existing pieces might not be high on development priorities, so I just let it lie. But it would be nice for future art models.

      I think it’s reasonable for Blizzard to say, you have to wear pants, you have to wear a shirt. I think the cloak and helm thing shows that there’s room for hiding some pieces, and belts should be #1 and shoulders #2 on those lists. 🙂

      At some point I will do an editorial on the whole “PvP appearance” argument which was trotted out against mogging for years.

      Also, my autocorrect appears to agree with you – it always tries to correct “Mogging” to “Hogging.” WTF autocorrect??? 🙂

  2. 1) Extend the ability to hide certain slots of gear.
    2) Allow use of white-quality gear in transmogrification.

    YESYESYESYESYESYES! Blizzard does not realize how much gold(okay and maybe money) I want to throw at making pretty outfits. Those 2 options have caused me much emotional pain when realizing that a STUPID lvl15 green 0.13% drop rate belt would match my set perfectly or suffer through non matching belts. Oh the cry of anguish my house heard.

    And the starting clothes for each faction class is so pretty. I LOOOOVE the belf pally starting clothes. It needs to happen already. Just let us use it.

    • It’s really frustrating not being able to use those starting clothes. I mean, come on – they are *designed* to grab your attention by looking good, yet they don’t really look overly sophisticated compared to raid clothing.

      Not only that, but for many classes with armor transitions, they won’t even be usable past level 40 when armor types shift. There’s a natural limit to progression there, where you have to start looking “grown up” and that’s okay too!

  3. I don’t see the ability to hide tabards as much of a problem. I use an addon (Auto Tabard, IIRC) to put on a faction tabard in a dungeon and take it off after. When I’m in a dungeon, I’m not really concerned with how I look (I’m generally busy keeping the tank and/or dps alive).

    The only time I wear a tabard “out in the world” is when I’m working on guild rep, so my outfits coordinate with the guild tabard (some better than others). That’s a temporary state, and I’m okay with it (and really pleased with my mage’s outfit). I was going to post a link to the picture, but I’ve changed 4 pieces since my last screenshot. Hrm.

    • Your Auto Tabard ideas intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.


      Coordinating with tabards is my new passion. It’s like a Project Runway project every time there’s a new rep.

  4. I would adds ta this what there needs fer ta be more weapon possibilities. The whole “cannot mog a main-hand weapon onta a one-hand weapon” is very limitings. Also, havin’ ta find a sword and a mace and a axe fer each outfit be a glorifical pain in the arse.

    • This is an EXCELLENT point. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. The 1H/MH distinction means many excellent models are unavailable for those who would like to use them, and the different weapon types is a PITA.

      • Equips fast daggers, transmogs into the biggest 1H/MH weapon I can find. WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP

    • THIS SO MUCH. As soon as transmog was out I knew what I wanted for Raqua, my main. I wanted warrior season 3 with Barricade of Eternity and Seethe. Then lo and behold I discover Seethe is main-hand only. So now I’ve shelved the outfit temporarily until I figure out a replacement (I’m leaning towards Rimefang’s Claw for the dark blue, but solo farming Tyrannus as prot is a PITA, and he heals too much when duo’ing.)

      Of course since I got Pero’tharn’s gavel I may revive the outfit and pick up Lucky Old Sun. I think the runes on the hammer and shield will go together well.

  5. Honestly, the best solution I’ve seen for handling “hiding” things involves a wardrobe pane, which we’re very unlikely to get in WoW.

    I think basically anything in the game should be transmoggable. If I want to march around in a Chef’s Hat and the Pilgrim Dress… well it’s my $15/mo and I should be able to, period, end of story. Who cares that I don’t look like a seasoned adventurer? Real troops need chefs and nurses and crazy engineers, so it stands to reason (from a Role-Playing perspective) that Azerothian adventurers need the same types of things.

    And darnit, sometimes a gal just wants to smack the bad guys on the nose with a rolling pin.

  6. I’d like to see more easily obtainable model shapes for gloves and boots. The most common shapes I find kinda hideous. I agree on making white gear moggable, I found some lovely pieces in the model viewer and was so disappointed to find that they were unmoggable.

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