How to Taste Like Purple: Before and After Mage Gear

I freakin' love my mage.

Night Elves are Purdy

My mage, Freezybabe (nee Persinguel, for the RPers),  has a tough time, in general.  She ended up with a ridiculous nickname because I swore I’d never play a mage, or a night elf, seriously.  She is meant to have thousands of years of back story, but she’s reticent to even tell me her personality. She can’t even be sure whether or not she was a Highborne. I assume she doesn’t like to talk about it.  I’ve caught her mumbling some choice gossip about Azshara when she thinks I’m tabbed out, though.  She was meant to be Frost PvP, but then I fell in love with Arcane, and then Fire became the dominant spec.  She’s not at home in Darnassas, feels like a freak in Dalaran.  My poor girl.

I decided to build a pink arcane set based around the Astralaan Robe, long one of the prettiest pieces of gear in game, and my love of silly turbans. The off-the-shoulder look of the robe makes matching it with shoulder pads quite difficult, but I think it helps that Freezy has warm purple skin, making the contrast less dramatic than it would be with similar models like the Fur Covered Robe. Male toons should be aware that it becomes a sheath dress with floating bell sleeves, and may be difficult to style in a non-comedic way.

In typical Freezy Fashion, it turns out there’s no matching belt, nothing else in that particular color of cream, and insufficient pink goods to finish an outfit.  The “Astralaan Regalia” is a black and white outfit based around the underlying tunic.  The “white” gear in game is either much yellower, like the priest T6 Absolution Regalia, or much brighter blue-white, like the Double-Stitched Shoulderpads.

The waistline of the dress is higher than most belts, leaving an unpleasant gap unless you choose a wide, distracting model. Another option you can try, especially if you’re playing up a more dramatic magic-related outfit than I wanted, is the Netherwind Belt, which is wide enough to cover the gap and has similar purple under the blue runes. I personally think it distracts too much from the dress.

Netherwind? Netherwhaaaat.

I really love the individual pieces, how they match her skin color, and how they reflect her arcane spec. I loved discovering the High Councilor’s Shoulderpads, which are the same color but a much more streamlined shape than the more common Shadoweave Shoulders. I loved the pretty cloak and how well she settled into a turban and her exposed shoulders. I like bringing in the “Kirin Tor Handbag”, or the Ward of the Violet Citadel, of which I have fond memories.

Yes, Sir, That's my Naaru

I hated having to bring in the purple in her belt and the issues I had with gloves. The belt and gloves were an attempt to play at different ways to taste like purple, but in the end, I can’t stop seeing that one is gold and one is silver, and NOT in the fun way.  But you can’t ditch the gold trim in the gloves, or else the tips of her boots are even more obviously wrong, and it loses the tie to her off-hand, which is gold. I tried to bring in a bright blue finger and a white palm with the Sage’s Gloves, but it looked like she’d dipped her fingers in paint.


Oh, girl, look at these Smurf hands. No wonder no one talks to me!

I tried upping the MAGEFACE quotient by adding a TBC cloak and the T6  helm. I used to really dislike the Tempest Regalia, especially when you consider that you could instead be farming the glorious Merciless Gladiator’s Regalia. Its strange weathervanery has grown on me considerably. I really like how her pony tail grows out of it, and it clips much less than I would have guessed. It still looks rather like she’s in headgear, though.  She’s not able to bend her neck! It doesn’t bespeak a night elf’s brand of magic, especially a night elf with no connection to Draenor whatsoever.

What is with all these *(@#&(& demons on this ($(*&@# planet?

I’ve tried taking the whole thing gold and purple instead of pink and blue.  It still wasn’t right. For me, this outfit was always Pretty Good, but not great.

The outfit is easily recreated by any cloth wearer above  level 70 with a bit of farming and a lucky AH scan. There are no similar models of robe in other armor types, unfortunately.

Pinkmage Outfit:

I’m working on building a new red and gold set which I’ll share with GMY when I’ve finished farming up the last of the pieces. Hopefully this will be the set that really clicks for Freezy.

(From this ugly outfit and also gnomes, gnomes everywhere.)

Time to walk away from this outfit.


4 thoughts on “How to Taste Like Purple: Before and After Mage Gear

    • My main is a Tauren, so I get to skip boots a lot too, whooo! I saw your dress on twitter, very nice! Everything looks good on those spacegoats.

  1. I put together a “purple crystal mage” look, since for me it’s all about the frost PvE. I combined the Brutal Gladiator Silk set with the Valorous Frostfire shoulderpads, and use Staff of the Redeemer, since it’s the closest to purple. I am waiting to get a sword main hand to combine with an offhand, so I can run Shaarde the Lesser and Temple Crystal Fragment. Right now I use Kirin Tor familiar as my pet, but realized just today Elementium Geode is far more fitting. Add White War Talbuk to the mix and watch people sit up and take notice.

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