Drive-By Mogging: Zanza of Elune

I play without the names up above everyone.  I get used to the certain and familiar silhouettes of my guildmates, so it throws me for a moment when they change a mog outfit on their toon in raid.

Another double-take is walking up to a vendor only to be stunned by a brilliantly put-together mog outfit standing nearby.  Meet Zanza of Elune, pictured above.

I love how the greens and browns play together in this set, how it’s not too earthly brown, nor too green.  Feels really verdant and mossy to me.  Very druidy, especially if you’re on the Regrowth side of things.

Here is the full set on Wowhead if you want to view it in 3D.  Don’t be fooled; the Breeches are actually the skirt part, despite being named “breeches.”

I really envy those who can take pieces that come from very different places and combine them into a set that looks like it was actually designed together.  Here we have pieces from Molten Core to Sunwell to a Cataclysm raid rep.

Well done, Zanza.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Drive-By Mogging: Zanza of Elune

  1. I really love this, still. I wasn’t familiar with that breastplate, and I didn’t know that the PVP version of the antler helm was quite so green. And then it would never have occurred to me to mix the bright jade green from the staff or the Cenarion with the more muted forest greens of the robe or the kilt. I seriously love this outfit. Squee. The only thing I’m not really sure on is the belt. lkasjdf belts.

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