Drive By Mogging: Marvelios @ Winterhoof

It was AV weekend, so when I queued up for my daily random healfest on my level 70 twink, I did what any reasonable PvPer would do while waiting for the gates to open.

I checked out other twink outfits.

The one above really caught my eye. I couldn’t stop staring at this hunter, I’m sorry. Yes, it’s red. REALLY RED.  It’s not for everyone. But I think it commits to a theme, and that theme works out really well.

Marvelios @ Winterhoof is wearing:

I know I’ve talked about this before, but the accessories make this outfit. This is a common mail set, pretty easy to farm from Gnomer, that is likely being sported by a LOT of female hunters and shaman. But this feels different, more like what the outfit should be. The weapons which Marvelios uses aren’t visual slouches – Apolyon and the Golden Bow of Quel’Thalas – but by going with the crossbow with flaming wings, he really pulls the look together. But don’t discount the smaller details – the red shirt underneath the armor, the choice of helmet. They all matter.

This hunter stood out in a crowd in Alterac Valley. I was able to keep track of him for much of the battle just by visual recognition. Look at that action shot.

Now, as a healer, I may not want that kind of recognition – anything I can do to be invisible to the opposition is fine by me! – but it says something about how striking this look is that I’d consider it, even for a moment, on one of my own toons. I might try to find a different shoulder with more black – Skybreaker’s Shoulders, maybe.

But this caught my attention on an AV weekend.

Well played, Marvelios!


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