The Gold Tank: Modified Conqueror’s Plate

So I have a problem with my night elf warrior, Ashwalker.

She’s a pretty good tank. She was a level 70 twink for most of the past 6 months, but given the state of warriors in that bracket (poor) I decided to level her up. And not just level her up, but do the one thing which I didn’t do on Cynwise – see the dungeons of Cataclysm on the way up.  I keep my gear up to date, which means I outgear the content.

Which means Narci, who is healing me in this mad adventure, is really bored on her priest. Ash … doesn’t take a lot of damage. I mean, some damage, sure, but not very much. I use cool downs. I wrangle mobs. And then Victory Rush lights up and I CANNOT resist hitting it. HELLO 20% heal. Narci asked me to at least give her something to look at so she wouldn’t be bored.

Er. Okay. I can do that.

So the problem I have isn’t that my healer thinks my tank is boring, though that’s pretty funny in and of itself.

No, the problem is that I’ve been given carte blanche to make as many wild outfits on my warrior as I can come up with in an effort to keep my healer awake.

(At least until we start hitting the harder dungeons, and when healing starts to suck around level 83. We’re both pretty sure no one will be bored then.)

Do you realize what giving me this directive has done to my leveling? Forget leveling! I have to find new outfits!

Here’s the first of many outfits I’ve put together on Ash: the Golden Tank.

This set uses the Conqueror’s Set as its basis, with some small modifications.

The key to this outfit is, I think, in the accessories. It’s not about just taking the Conqueror’s set and calling it done – it’s about the cloak, and the matching sword and shield, and sticking to a theme to the point of absurdity. This outfit is yellow. There’s no getting around that.

It is bright, it is distinctive, and it is not boring.

It’s also not for everyone.

I actually rather like the segmented plate look of this armor skin. The midriff cutout is highly impractical but lends itself to the feeling of being more like a superhero outfit than a suit of armor.

I have some minor nitpicks with the Conqueror set in general. The helm and shoulders don’t match the rest of the outfit at all. They’re not bad, per se – I use the Conqueror’s Helm for a different outfit – but they don’t match. You can even see that the leggings and the chestpiece don’t have quite the same blends of yellows and orange – which perhaps makes the midriff cutout a little easier to deal with. Having those two pieces right next to each other would drive me a little batty.

I don’t like the Conqueror’s Belt, at all. It matches but that’s all I’ll say. I went with the Templar’s belt, but to be honest I would love something slimmer, or, you know to hide my belt. I’m happy enough with the choice I have but it’s not as good as skipping the belt entirely.

Finally, the Saboteur’s Wrap was a happy accident. I was looking at it, going, when will I need a bright yellow cloak?

Then I was like, when would I not need a bright yellow cloak? It turns Ash into the Yellow Power Ranger!

In all seriousness, the cloak gives this outfit some needed solidity, as well as a heroic accent – and shows that if you’re going to dress in gold, you wear a golden yellow cloak.

I’m a big fan of the Quickening Blade of the Prince with these yellow/gold/bronze outfits. It sheaths on the back, has a nice size and shape, and it looks like it means business without being overly spiky or covered in skulls or claws or animal parts.

I am fond of this outfit for high-visibility tanking. It’s kind of like driving a safety yellow sportscar… or maybe a volvo. (I’m going to stop that metaphor before my character starts talking back to me.) Ash does stand out in an instance with it, and it’s not boring, which was the goal.

My one concern is that Conqueror’s plate is getting to be a pretty common mogging item, and that we may see a lot of gold tanks running around. If so, the accessories will make all the difference in the world.

(That, and hiding the dang belt!)


9 thoughts on “The Gold Tank: Modified Conqueror’s Plate

  1. I feels much the same about Conqueror’s, both the goods and the not-so-goods. Actually picked up a full set fer Kali, the team’s orc DK, but then I decided the color be wrong fer her. So she gonna be goin’ with Ornate Mithril, which be the same design but re-colored so’s it goes better with her dead orcflesh skin tones. No belt at all with that set, and fail shoulders, but I gots me some ideas I’s gonna play with.

  2. I’m building something of a Gold set for Fabulor, mostly to match his golden crown Pally tier helm and offhand Dandelion. I might make it a gold/yellow set instead though to match with Silvermoon colors!

      • Wow I didn’t realise that was what the conqueror’s plate looked like as a full set – it is so ‘yellow’ rather than red. My surprise because I use the helm on my warrior’s arms set which is a hyperion/bloodforged set (still need to go and get the Catalsym’s Edge sword from the Hyjal raid and I haven’t found the hyperion shoulders yet which look better).

        I like that sword too. I think it’d be a good match for the Raid Finder version of the warrior tier (which is yellow rather than red).

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