Eclipse Druid: Lunar and Solar

My feral druid has a solid look I wanted for bear spec gear (Ruthless G, Season 11).  But she struggles on what to do about cat gear.

My caster druid has a similar problem.  She already has her battleground healer look (Bloodthirsty G, Season 9), but she doesn’t quite know what she wants for moonkin gear.  There’s the popular Merciless G shoulders (like tier 5 for PvE), laid over top a Trial of the Crusader era tier.

But now I think I’ve got it.

Eclipse is what defines the moonkin for me, besides being big and fluffy and having the best dance moves.  So I went about making a Lunar set and a Solar set.  I know that some of the Cataclysm druid tiers already have a yellow and a blue skin of the tiers, but I wanted something non-tier (at least mostly).  Something with more of the main color than what the tier has.  I also wanted the two sets to mirror each other in gear styles, if possible.  So either both robe or both pants, etc.

So here’s my finished set that I’m happy with.

The wrist slot (Vicious Leather Bracers) is mostly so I have effectively “invisible” bracers.  I chose one item convenient to me, but there are other small bracers out there for you to use.


Wowhead –> view in 3D

Head: Agile Bio-Optic Killshades
Shoulders: Wolverine Shoulderguards
Back: Sergeant’s Heavy Cape
Chest: Carapace of Sun and Shadow
Hands: Barbaric Gloves
Waist: Insignia Belt
Legs: Kilt of the Forgotten One
Feet: Tundra Wolf Boots

2H Staff: Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Energy Staff (S11 Elite)


Wowhead –> view in 3D

Head: Camouflage Bio-Optic Killshades
Shoulders: Replica Feralheart Shoulders
Back: Caretaker’s Cape
Chest: Warpwood Bark Vest
Hands: Moonglade Handwraps
Waist: Guardian’s Leather Belt
Legs: Kilt of the Night Strider
Feet: Veteran’s Leather Boots

2H Staff: Devotion

Personal Notes

My druid, Xeny, is a night elf gal, so my apologies if this set actually looks terrible on something like a tauren male.

Xeny is an engineer, so I used the Engineer-only Killshades for her headset, since she wears them normally.  They merrily fit, too. 🙂  I usually don’t show the helm, so I usually don’t plan on helms.

I currently use a staff for my DPS set, so I chose staves to find.  I mostly went by the colors and the above sets are my favorites of what I saw.  I’ll likely end up actually using something else (especially since one is an elite PvP weapon!).

I much prefer kilts & dress-robes over pants for my female toons, so that’s what I look for first.


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