Fire Walk With Me: A Shaman Transmogrification

I am going to be honest here. Despite the fact that I’ve written a great deal of words about transmogrification and what people choose to cover their armor with in World of Warcraft, I cannot consider myself to be a really creative or elaborate transmoggy person. I usually throw on some tier and match the weapons. However, in the spirit of my discussion about opting towards skimpy armor outfits, I felt it behooved me to not just talk the talk but walk the walk.

The problem of course is that I’m still a roleplayer at heart and I’d need to wear skimpy armor on a toon that felt comfortable bearing that much skin. Enter my shaman: she’s sexy and vivacious but don’t get too close or she’ll lop your head off. She’s got a booty that won’t quit and doesn’t mind wiggling it from time to time, but only after she’s hacked that dragon to pieces. To me, she’s always skirted that line between sensual grace and raw brutality. Her chosen element is equal parts whirlwind and fire but for the ease of transmog, I went on the side of lava-licious flame.

This outfit initially was salvaged from some scraps and tier I stuck in my bank and threw on for my blog, but eventually it morphed into a full-fledged concept. The hardest parts to acquire would have been the tier and axes (Naxxramas 25 and Black Temple) but given that I had alt-raided on her when it was relevant, that part was done. All that was left was the green pieces and thankfully, due to my own efforts, the greens business on my server is flourishing. This means that many things that drop off rares or trash are up on the AH in fairly short order.  The Engraved set really matches well with the tier and pulls it all together, making it a really good choice. The fact that it comes with a belly ring for a belt doesn’t hurt either, being that I am fond of showing off my shaman’s taut physique. The only problem with mogging for a dual-wielding melee is that usually you have to go with alternative options for weapons types depending on what the best DPS weapons are at any given moment.

The outfit consists of:

Here’s the 3D version.

Remember though that even the most destructive heroes take time off to have a little fun, so if you are a shaman, don’t forget to drop down some totems and /dance.

8 thoughts on “Fire Walk With Me: A Shaman Transmogrification

  1. Smokin’. Is a very nicely constructified outfit.

    The shoulders is actually fairly easy ta acquire now. The token fer’em (and a few other T7, T7.5, and T8.5 pieces) can be bought in Dalaran fer a few hundred JPs.

  2. Gorgeous outfit! There’s something about shaman that makes skimpier outfits work really well on them. I’m currently trying to work on something for mine to make the dull outfits in Northrend more fun. I’m definitely inspired by your look here as well as your post on skimpy outfits 🙂

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