Mogging Red Carpet Competition: The Faction Five

ITEM: The Mogfather (Keelhaul) and the staff of WoW Roleplay Gear (Ironyca and Noelani) will be hosting a mogging competition on the US-Tichondrius sever on March 2nd. Even if you aren’t competing, it’ll be quite the event to watch!

Competition starts at 9pm EST for Alliance and 10:30pm EST for Horde. Good luck to everyone!


4 thoughts on “Mogging Red Carpet Competition: The Faction Five

  1. Sweet! I can’t decide whether to roll up alts on Tichondrius just to watch the competition, or to work like a mofo to come up with an outfit on said alts before Friday…

    • I vote for ‘work like a mofo’! I’ve been doing my best to gather some items on my trial account there. Night Elf starter gear is just so untidy and I’d feel such a hypocrite judging other characters for their transmog gear whilst wearing rags myself!

      Honestly though, the more the merrier, whether they be mogged or spectating.

      • Well, it’s hard to say no when one of the judges votes for “work like a mofo” 😉

        The hot mess of most starter gear is why I’m working on a post for this site on lowbie/trial account mogging. This will be a good chance to put some of my theories into practice…

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