The Littlest Cultist

Pennello summons the Cataclysm!

Pennello has always been an odd duck in my stable of alts.  My second oldest toon, she has never really advanced very far, mainly serving as a bank alt until I’d idly quest with her for a few more levels.  I found playing a warlock to be annoyingly dull compared to a mage, but I couldn’t bear to delete the poor girl, not after she’d been with me for so long.  A couple of recent developments made me pick her up again and push her into Outland.  The first was a spec change from the slow ramp-up style of Affliction to the pyromaniacal fun of Destruction.  The other?


Pennello and Yazbis show off the Twilight Trappings set.I desperately wanted Pennello to be able to use the Twilight Trappings set.  Originally  used to complete quests related to Ahn’Qiraj in Silithus pre-Cata (when I had picked up the set on my main), I sent them over to Pennello to store in her bank until she hit the required level 60 to use them.   For me, it’s a perfect lowbie ‘lock set: sinister yet understated, with a touch of elegance in the detail on the robe. The items had armor and a set bonus, so I didn’t even think about whether they’d be usable for transmog.

One day I was browsing WoW Roleplay Gear for inspiration, and I came across their Transmogrification Blacklist.  My heart sank; the Twilight Trappings set cannot be used for transmog.  There are conflicting reports as to why: it’s either the lack of stats, or the fact that the pieces do not bind on equip.  Regardless of the reason, I was a little crushed but decided to persevere by creating a set as close to the real thing as I could get.

This was more difficult than I expected.  The robe and shoulders are as far as I can tell unique models; the hood — though a commonly used model — is a unique color.  I had recently purchased Pagan Wraps off of the AH with the intention of flipping them, but when I saw how similar the robe was to the Twilight Cultist Robe I kept them as my starting point.  With a good base to build on, I knew I needed to accomplish three things with my look: I needed to find items to help add purple details back into the brown robe; I wanted a hood with the same depth of color as the Twilight Cultist Cowl; and the shoulders needed to be as eye-catching as the Twilight Cultist Mantle is.

The completed Cultist Copy look.

The Twilight Cultist Copy Set

Requires level 53

View it in threeeeee-deeeeee on Wowhead

I feel like I successfully achieved all my goals with this set.  The Tattered Dreadmist Mantle is the most dynamic set of  purple shoulders I could find, and given its heritage is definitely appropriate for a warlock.  The belt and shirt give the robe some much-needed purple accents.  The cloak is a wonderful addition to the set, as are the slippers and gloves (both as-pictured and the eventual replacements).

I had a hard time finding a hood I liked.  All of the other purple hoods in the same model are rather washed-out compared to the Twilight Cultist one.  I almost went with the Shadoweave Mask, but the pattern is not currently available in the game and I have yet to find anyone who learned it before the Shattering.  Plus, it’s not a hood.  I like the color saturation of the Felcloth Hood, but I’m not completely sold on it yet.  I’ll live with it for a while and see how I feel.

There’s already one change I plan on making.  When I was pulling Wowhead links for this post, I stumbled across the Thistlefur Robe.  The darker brown is much closer in color to the source material than the Pagan Wraps, so I’m adding it to my shopping list.  Hopefully I’ll have more luck finding it than I’ve been having with the Resplendent Gauntlets…


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