Matching a Guild Tabard

I’ve spent much of Cataclysm hopping from guild to guild, trying to find a good fit. At the start of 4.3, I transferred my paladin to Dalaran-US to raid with Phalanx of Nod.  After a few weeks of raiding with them, I decided that perhaps this would be my home, and started transferring my other characters.  I realized that I needed to grind guild rep on my mage (mount/pet collector) to get the pets from the guild vendor, so I needed a good outfit to go with the guild tabard.

Zaralyyn, Achievement and Collector Mage

One of the problems I have with any outfit for this character is that she does not raid, in fact I rarely participate in the gear treadmill at all with her (“I don’t need [the current tier] to kill pirates” is generally my response when guildies ask if I need to do LFR or similar on her).  There is a lot of gear out there that is huge and flashy and just screams “RAIDER!” and it doesn’t feel right for this character.  She spends her time doing low level quests, exploring Azeroth’s past glories (old raid instances), and doing weird achievements that most folks have moved on from.  She’s a scholar (when I saw the Professor title, I knew that’s what she had to wear) and behind the times.  Her outfit should reflect that.

For this specific outfit, the guild tabard is red with white accents. I also knew that I wanted to use the [Silver-Thread Gloves], since those are my favorite gloves.

Therefore, my criteria for the remaining pieces was the following:

  • Colors: Red, Black, White
  • Theme: Simple, Casual, not Flashy

For the chest, I eventually settled on the [Infernoweave Robe]. I prefer skirts on my casters, and this robe is red and black with silver accents, plus I was able to buy it off a vendor. Perfect, and I like the way that the red comes down onto the thighs almost like a continuation of the tabard.

Feet were easy, anything black that I have in my bags works.  I have [Sandals of the Neverending Bridge] from when I completed Loremaster, but there are lots of options.

I cycled through a few of the other accessories before settling on what you see here.  The hat is the [Master’s Hat], but it took me a long time to find it on the AH.  I like floppy brimmed hats on her. They have a more casual feel to them.  While I was looking for the [Master’s Hat], I also used the [Fireheart Skullcap] (less floppy, more structured) and [Don Rigoberto’s Lost Hat] (more of a purple tone, with a gold band).

The shoulders were also a problem. Again, she isn’t the kind of girl who would wear big, bulky shoulders.  Her current shoulders are actually raid shoulders, but since they have a lower profile, it feels okay to me. Shown here are [Mantle of Tirisfal]. I previously tried [Duskhallow Mantle] (so square, plus the gold accents didn’t match], [Vital Shoulders] (I’m not sure why these don’t feel good, I think it has to do with how the red on the tabard is not the exact same as the red on the robe. The difference is particularly obvious at the shoulder joint, so the shoulder needs to be big enough to hide that). [Shadow Council Mantle] was another option that I tried, but they felt very poofy, and in the end I thought that the downward slope of Tirisfal suited her better.

I’m still not entirely happy with the belt. She’s wearing [Fire-Cord of the Magus], but it has grey accents instead of silver/white.  [Inferno Waist Cord] would work perfectly, except it sits too low and doesn’t cover the tabard/robe transition. Weird.  If I can find a [Silver-Thread Sash] before she hits exalted with the guild (2-3 weeks) I may switch to that.

Having a drink in her favorite Stormwind tavern

The cloak should have been easy.  You can buy cloaks that match the guild tabard. Unfortunately, the red of my guild tabard is slightly off of the red of the robe.  It’s not obvious unless I add in the cloak, and then you can really see it. I’m currently using [Dragon’s Blood Cape], but I’ve also used [Cloak of Darkness]. I liked the black better, but the gold accents just didn’t work.

She’s using the [Staff of Natural Fury], which I bought off of the AH for a tidy sum.  It took me awhile before deciding to purchase it, but it matches the [Silver-Thread Gloves] that I love so much, so I decided to do it.  Previously, I tried the [Brutal Gladiator’s War Staff] (great red accents, but very brown). During Love is in the Air I used the [Chillwind Staff] to match the holiday. If I raided on this character (and thus, bothered to enchant my weapon), I would probably use [Frostscythe of Lord Ahune], since that hides Power Torrent, but it feels too big and bulky for her otherwise.

Final Outfit Roundup:


4 thoughts on “Matching a Guild Tabard

    • All of my characters wear robes, which is why I really haven’t bothered to match my paladin to the tabard – there are something like 6 plate skirt options in the game. She’s wearing T12 (her first raiding tier) instead, with the tabard on top. Meh.

      I’m also really struggling to find a red robe for my druid. Red isn’t a good druid color. There are some leather pant options but they feel more feral/rogue to me. I may just not let her wear the tabard and not worry about her rep. It’s a hard decision.

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