Kotaro of Argent Dawn

Kotaro of Argent Dawn

Our guild leader and main tank, Kotaro, got his three meaty fingers on a great pair of shoulders in a heroic ICC run and decided to build a really unique tanking set around them.

This set takes time, luck and a love of retro raiding. The headpiece is one of four eyepatches (one of each armor type) that drop from a rare beholder in Outland. The eye-catching shoulders and hands are heroic ICC 25 (Paladin Tier 10 look alike). The crackly shield and glowy skull boots come from 25 man Ulduar. Bring your friends!

The Argent Avenger is no longer available in the game, but there’s look-alike, the Spellfire Longsword from Mennu the Betrayer in the Slave Pens.


2 thoughts on “Kotaro of Argent Dawn

    • A couple weeks of lucky drops – we do weekly retro runs in our guild, so it wasn’t too bad. The eyepatch was a gift from another guildmate 😀

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