Mage Tier 4 - Female Troll - Casting

When I was thinking of names for this post, this was the worst one, so you’re welcome.

Alternative names were TUSKS-magosa or Big Blue Dragon and the Big Blue Feet. I pretty much regret all three.


When I heard Transmogrification was coming, I was excited. I really would have killed for transmog during tier 7 or 8 when the large shoulders would meat-grinder my head when I jumped, or made my already slightly awkward gait make it look like I’m jogging out onto a football field. Let’s not forget tier 8’s cloth *tunic* and bulky or invisible shoes – because nothing says “mage” like barefoot with metal leggings.

Mage Tier 8, Female Troll

I'm sure this looked nice on someone.

There was one mage tier I always thought looked best on us, and that tier is 4.

Mage Tier 4 - Female Troll

Aldor Regalia -curiously not football gear!

Mage Tier 4 is a great tier, and really looks good on any race! However there’s something about the fact that the shoulders have a nice downward slope instead of an outward bulk, the collar can be shown without removing most of my hair (did you know we were bald under there? We are.), the gloves aren’t the huge puff-tubes they usually are on trolls, and there’s a lovely pattern down the spine that makes your blue skin an accessory.

Mage Tier 4 - Back

It's okay if you're green-skinned, we still love you.

As luck would have it, this set matches the legendary Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest – mostly because, well, she’s wearing it. It makes it a great and easy match should you be wielding or soon-to-be wielding this double-dose of destruction.

There are, of course, other weapons that look really great with this set. I chose tier 4 because it was my favorite, it looked best on my troll, and the legendary matching was just a perk that made me keep it on.

The set is easy to collect and farm at 85 – most of the sources are soloable/duoable Burning Crusade raids (just don’t make the same mistake I did and charge into The Curator with only Arcane spells on your bars. You WILL die before you can get your spellbook open to Fireball).

Good news! Since you can’t see your pants, you don’t actually have to kill Gruul – unless you want to (Coooome and diiiiiiiiie….). You don’t even have to WEAR pants! It’s just like raid night.

Alternate Weapon Suggestions:


Staff Suggestions

Shaft of Glacial Ice, Intensity


Dagger suggestions

Sinister Revenge, Starlight Dagger


Sword suggestions

Malice, Soulbreaker (Heroic)


7 thoughts on “Troll-mog-osa.

    • do it do it! 😀 does the collar sit well on a gnome? Something i was going for in this post (and didn’t really do very well) was to talk about race-specific issues with certain outfits (like what shoulders can do to a troll’s head because of how they jump, etc). Even though this one sits well, when I breathe/move the collar cuts into my chest :O I can imagine on a smaller model it may do the same.

  1. What a great look, and a funny writeup. 😀 That color combination really does lend itself well to blues AND reds/browns…very nice options there.

    • Thanks Rades! I think my favorite of the alternate weapon choices at the bottom is the Malice – but i’m a huge sucker for caster swords 😀 I really like how it brings out the bronze/copper tones.

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