The Bird is the Word

When the Love is in the Air holiday started and I discovered the existence of the Swift Lovebird, I knew I had to have it. When I then realized I already owned the Mulgore Hatchling, I knew what I would be doing once the holiday was over – taming Mazzranache.

This was all well and good, but once I got my little pink family put together, I realized I had a problem. My existing transmog set, while extremely good looking, clashed pretty badly with these animals.

I didn’t really have much of a plan for finding a new outfit – pink is not a color I normally like at all. Then on one of my daily runs through Heroic Sethekk Halls, the Skettis Chestpiece dropped. When I did my usual “keep it or sell it” appearance check, I realized I had found the answer to my clashing problem.

Once I killed Anzu and he again failed to drop the mount, I went off in search of matches to this new chestpiece. I tend to be impatient when I start building a new set. I don’t want to farm for very long. So most of my transmog outfits start with one piece I really like, and then are built based on what is on the auction house that looks good with that piece (and is reasonably priced). As it turned out, one of my bank alts already had 2 pieces of the Skettis Mail on the AH, and I was able to pick up the rest of the set fairly cheaply.

Windrunner’s Bow works quite well with the set. The only remaining issue was her melee weapon. She has Kiril, which looks ok but not great. When she was wearing the Blood Knight Mail, it was transmogged to Hellreaver, but that is absolutely horrible with the new set. I needed a quick fix, so I went through what was available on the Auction House at the time and grabbed The Needler. I think it looks ok, but I can probably find something better.

It is very rare for me to have helm display turned on, I want to be able to see the sassy pigtails. I have also developed a tendency to turn off cloak display if I am particularly fond of the look of my armor. So I did not look for suitable matches for those slots.

Shoulders: Skettis Spaulders
Chest: Skettis Chestpiece
Gloves: Skettis Gauntlets
Waist: Skettis Belt
Legs: Skettis Legguards
Feet: Skettis Footwraps
Ranged: Windrunner’s Bow
Melee: The Needler

All of the Skettis Mail pieces drop in Burning Crusade dungeons. The drop rates listed on Wowhead are pretty low, but don’t let that discourage you – I’ve seen at least one piece drop nearly every time I’ve done Magister’s Terrace or Sethekk Halls.

This is the first look I have put together that is actually all one set. Usually there is a piece or two that just doesn’t work for me – most often shoulders are an issue. However I think all of the pieces of the Skettis Mail really do work well together, and the look perfectly suits my needs. The feather motif is a bonus, given that my original reason for looking for new clothes was a bunch of birds.


7 thoughts on “The Bird is the Word

  1. Seconding the House Wrynn Halberd. It’s what my hunter is currently using for mogging, and it works with a lot of different outfits (plus, if you haven’t quested through Westfall yet, you can pick up the quest reward version of the Soldier’s Mail set along the way to getting it).

    The other thought I had was to an Obsidium Bladespear, which is easily crafted by any capped BS. The red on it would work really well with this outfit.

    Your tallstrider family is adorable, and I love your matching outfit!

  2. I saw a (presumably different) hunter at the DMF with the same pet/mount/companion trio the other day. Can’t remember what she wore though!

    Good luck with Anzu – it took me 150+ runs to get him on my rogue (who I no longer play since I switched servers and factions … sadface). Persistence is key!

    Martin: IIRC the Sundered mail set is blue rather than pink, so it wouldn’t match so well.

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