OH GOD MY EYES: Trolling LFR With Bad Fashion

I… I am having trouble describing this outfit, worn by the inestimable Rades of Orcish Army Knife. It’s so, so bad, it’s almost kind of … epic in its awfulness?

Which is entirely the point. Put together with things he had in his bank, Rades decided to troll LFR with his hunter’s bad fashion sense. Go ahead, inspect him. He’s daring you.

I was at a loss of words to explain what I was seeing here, so I opened up comments to the community. Please feel free to add your own below!

“I quite like the purple gloves. They really make me go, this outfit has been carefully selected for maximum ocular damage. It’s like he tried to deliberately poke out my eyes in LFR.” – Cynwise

“I can’t stop looking at it. It’s so… it’s a clown suit that almost looks like it should be together. I just wish the shoulders were a more ridiculous colour (sorry Rades <3). I especially love how you managed to incorporate four different, eye-mangling shades of green in one disaster outfit.” – Luthvian

“Far more skin showing than anyone wants to see on an orc of either gender. Toss in an absurd mask, an overly ornate bow (at least, it looks kinda like a bow, it may just be a parakeet and a pair o’ sticks), and ‘pauldrons’ that appear to be no more than armor plates ripped from a gnomish battle tank… the only good thing I can say about this set is that the process of transmogging it must have confused the ethereals even further.” – Corv

It’s gear like this that makes me want to start a PVP guild called <Fashion Police> – dsnineteen

“It’s like the Tower of Isengard met some really ugly praying mantis. Needs more lamps.” –Catulla

I believe my exact words on Twitter last night were “GOOD GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE”. Also: “I have…concerns.”

It’s kind of like a train wreck.  I just can’t stop looking at the outfit and going “WHY RADES WHY”.  You’re kind of my transmog hero now.  – Dee

Orc find copy of fashion magazine, orc read, orc think “I can do fashuns”, orc submit carefully posed pic to fashion blog. Orc receive following critique:  Silvermoon Vogue may have featured trends such as these from Azeroth Fashion Week AW 2012, but it didn’t recommend military-chic, feathers, purple, “structural” tailoring, and heavy accessorising ALL AT ONCE, although the ensemble does bring out the chartreuse in his complexion.

Orcs learn about colors for the first time! After decades of matching browns and bones an orc finally figured out how to use color in a fashion sense. Unfortunately for the rest of Azeroth orcs have no idea how to match colors resulting in mass vomiting and bleeding eyes around the world. – SINisterWyvern

I’m not sure which is worse. That I think those shoulders are the basis for a hideous post-modern building I once photographed in Paris, or the fact that I can see his Orcderpants. – Narci

Everything else is such a riot of color that the shoulders almost look normal.  Considering the large number of God awful shoulders available I’m terrified to think that this outfit could be WORSE. I don’t think we’d survive it. -ILikeBubbles

It looks like he killed a house and is wearing its skin to warn other houses. –Stoppableforce

It’s garish but not in an unsettling way so much as the eye is trying to make sense of it. The colors actually all tend to fall in a certain range on the palette. It still looks like someone vomitted rainbows and Skittles all over him though. — AppleCiderMage

At first I was unsettled. Then I was concerned. Then I saw the shoulders and ‘pants’ were from the same set, and just held my head down in shame –Fluffywumpki

Speechless. — Rakael

Nerubian erotica made me call Rades a friend. That outfit makes me want to deny knowing him. — rosaamarilla

Those are the biggest shoulde… WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS! — ScrewlewseWoW

I lol’d and lol’d hard. 😀 — JixxyJexxy

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! — Darth Vader

I particularly like the chestpiece, Tunic of Failed Experiments. Yes. Yes this was. Never do it again. – Shadesogrey

Cameo of Terrible Memories is especially apt. I’m going to have trippy flashbacks about this outfit for weeks. – Aralosseien

I wouldn’t wear this even if Fabulor himself asked me! D:

It takes a brave orc to wear an ensemble like this. Brave, and terrible. Possibly a little color blind. – Snack

I think the boots need to be flashier.  My eyes are only mostly gouged out right now.  Besides, how else can you stand in the fire if your boots don’t match the floor-bad? – Poneria

So Rades was responsible for all the horrible Comic Book Villain costumes of the 60s and 70s. That or they all teamed up to provide that outfit for him, and Rainbow Racer got to pick the color scheme. The other possibility, is that the design is so outlandish, enemies will fail to gain threat as they refuse to admit what they are seeing exsists. – DeGeiDragon

There are those who clearly understand the subtle nuances of a well-thought out and cleverly constructed Mogging Outfit. Let’s face it, Rades is not one of them 😀 However, when you go so far the other way the ridiculous suddenly makes utterly perfect sense. We salute this outfit, and look forward to a slew of Anti-Establishment Mogging as a result… – The Godmother

I can only assume that the bow has such sharp edges on it to make it easier to stab out on-lookers’ eyes in a supreme act of mercy.  – Tzufit

My first reaction was “D= oh god” but after staring at it for an extended period of time I find it quite pleasing. Or I’ve gone blind. It’s the fact that theres so much Orc skin a showin’ that makes this set such a love/hate for many people, i think. I feel that a more obnoxious pair of shoulders would make this set even better. – Calayna

The shoulders are too big and bulky and don’t even have a “hunter” feel to them in the least. The helm looks like it was painted on the orc’s head. The gloves look like they were stolen from a wannabe leatherworker who wanted to impress upon the beautiful color schemes that echo through Silvermoon City, but should never be applied to gloves. The pants, or lack thereof: Just put some pants on please. We can tell you have strong, strapping legs. Save them for the ladies. The boots look cheap in comparison to the rest of the outfit. The chestpiece should have never seen the light of day and the rangers of Silvermoon have asked that their bow be returned because you are not honoring the power of the elven fighters with that get-up. There is no sneaking through the underbrush or graceful leaps through the tree tops (I just made myself laugh imagining an orc in THIS get-up trying to “gracefully leap”) with this outfit.

Please send Rades to Fabulor for correction. This abomination of a look shouldn’t be allowed in TTGF with Fabulor’s watchful eye! – Miri

There’s a disturbance in the farce. — Yeohdah


“OH, NO! THERE GOES TOKYO!!”  Lycanthrope

8 thoughts on “OH GOD MY EYES: Trolling LFR With Bad Fashion

  1. Guys, I think we can pack it up here. Rades has won transmog.

    …Is it bad that I love just how terrible this outfit is? It’s like a three-year-old picking out their own outfit.

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