Drive-By Mogging: Regnahc @ Malygos

Imagine, if you will, a gorgeous sunny day in Stormwind.  You’re strolling from the Dwarven District bank to the auction house to list a few transmog items for sale.  Suddenly, you see this in your path:


It took me a second to realize quite what I was looking at.  Once I finally recognized the combination of worgen and The Horseman’s Horrific Helm, I was in love with the look that Regnahc had come up with.  I have to imagine he started with the helm and found items to match it.  The Fel Iron Plate is an excellent match, but what really makes it for me is the shoulders.  Pauldrons of the Wardancer are part of the warrior Tier 5 recolor which drop in BC raids (SSC and TK in this instance), and wow do they work well with the helm.  Together, the helm and shoulders make for a truly imposing look.

It’s hard to match exactly, since part of its magic is the way the helm displays on male worgen.  But if you’ve got the helm hanging around in your bank (if you do my DK is extremely jealous of you right now…), this is an awesome way to display it.

Here it is in 3D for your viewing pleasure.


4 thoughts on “Drive-By Mogging: Regnahc @ Malygos

  1. Very nicely done. Not a lot goes with the Helm of Evil Laughter. I’s actuallies planned out a kit fer it usin’ the pvp version of these shoulders, emphasizin’ the browns and greys rather than the green. But this do work quite well. Too bad I cain’t get the axe, since I done alreadies took Grom’tor’s axe from that quest….

  2. I may or may not have added this guy to my friends list, in hopes of seeing him around one day… *cough* Seriously, that is so bad ass and really creepy.

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