Fabulor’s Professional Garb

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A while back Mataoka started a blog event called Azeroth’s Next Top Plate Model, where bloggers were invited to design a variety of different plate outfits for their characters. I entered, with Fabulor as my model, partially to gently buck tradition and partially because, well, he’s Fabulor.

I was quite happy with the outfits I came up with, but one in particular really caught my eye, the “Professional Wear” entry. I really liked the idea of Fabulor having an outfit that seemed more suited to a ballroom or opera house, rather than a battlefield. It was very “him”, and it also fit his in-game role as being a healer – why have huge chunky metal armor when (ideally) you’re not getting hit by anything?

I also loved the overly decorative detailing on the signature pieces, the little intricate gold patterns, the sharp contrasts, and how the chestpiece looks more like a soft fabric vest of some sort, rather than actual plates of steel. (And since Fabulor is a tailor, this makes even more sense!) It all screams prestige and decadence, which fits Fabulor’s personality exactly.

However, the beautiful gloves are no longer available in game, and the awesome boots require a 2200 arena rating to purchase, which Fabulor will almost certainly never attain. So this meant I had to dig around and see what other pieces would work as replacements. I also decided to scrap the shoulders, as the colors didn’t really match, and I’d never really been happy with them.

After some moderate farming, and gathering the OUTRAGEOUS materials needed to craft the Enchanted Thorium Leggings, Fabulor finally retired his Blood Knight outfit when patch 5.0.4 hit, and is now walking around looking like this:

The gloves are slightly bigger and bulkier than the originals, which had the decidedly un-plate-ish folded-over elbows (which I adore). However, these gloves were a perfect match color-wise, and look fancy and stylish enough to match the rest of the outfit.

The shoulders aren’t bad, though they are regrettably a little large. During the creation of this transmog outfit I came to the tragic realization that there are almost no plate shoulders that AREN’T huge and bulky. Which I suppose makes sense, being plate and all. But it was still a little disappointing.

(click for larger version)

Of course, no shield, as a shield would be much too heavy and brutish for this elegant outfit. Instead, Fabulor is sporting an expensive-looking platinum and gold staff and matching ornate mace. Matching blue gemwork insets – sapphires, perhaps – tie the weapons together nicely. Nothing but the best for this member of Sin’dorei nobility.

(Added bonus: the mace has its own built-in glow, which means it’s not horribly obscured and ruined by Power Torrent!)

(click for larger version, or here’s a text version with Wowhead links.)

Head: Overlord’s Crown (Bind-on-Equip green)
Shoulder: Spaulders of the Righteous (The Botanica)
Back: Shadow of the Past (Deadmines)
Chest: Imperial Plate Chest (Blacksmithing)
Hands: Gauntlets of the Righteous (Shattered Halls)
Waist: Handcrafted Mastersmith Girdle (Blackrock Spire)
Legs: Enchanted Thorium Leggings (Blacksmithing)
Feet: Grim Sabatons (Bind-on-Equip blue)
Main Hand: Lightsworn Hammer (Shattered Halls)
Off Hand: Geomancer’s Rod (Bind-on-Equip green)

(click for larger version) (This has become one of my favorite pictures.)

6 thoughts on “Fabulor’s Professional Garb

  1. *wild applause*

    I was very impressed by that particular outfit during the original event, too — and I think I like this revised version even better! It’s very sleek and elegant, and I think it makes him look very masculine indeed. 😉

  2. Holy Get the Smelling Salts: I am not joking – I swooned over the image of that handsome Elf holding out his hand for a dance in the ballroom–be still my heart! I think I need a cold washcloth….or something! Gorgeously done!

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