An Elf of a Different Color

When Mists was first announced, I was fascinated by the idea of making a blood elf monk.  I’m primarily a role player, and I had a specific character in mind- Ryel, my upstart ex-ranger.  Mists seemed so far away, though, and I wanted to play him.  I tried him as a warrior for a short while, but the class just wasn’t clicking with me.  Between then and now, I’ve moved my Horde characters to an RP realm and the heirlooms went with them.

The ex-warrior was rerolled as a monk, and I started to tinker with his character.  Story-wise, the idea was that he was already close friends with a human, and I had seen a few blood elves being played as high elves.  The idea caught on, and it just fit for him.  Ryel had never been one to agree with Kael’thas or the siphoning of fel magic to survive.  He was a monk!  He’d have conquered his arcane addiction through discipline.  He doesn’t think the Horde or Alliance are really bad, either, he just wouldn’t have agreed with the erstwhile prince.  Add to it that his human friend is a Crusader, and it set him up nicely to be in with the Argent Crusade.

Well, any good character deserves an outfit.  The problem was finding one that suited him.  I wanted a mog that would identify him as a “non red team” elf- lots of blue and gold!  If he was Alliance, it would have been simple enough to go to Trial of the Crusader and get the rogue tier 9 lookalike outfit.  I didn’t have things quite so simple.  He would need two outfits- an end-game transmog and a leveling one, mostly just because I hated staring at the leather heirlooms.

With heirlooms, it’s easy to create a nearly cohesive look during the leveling process.  Starting with shoulders and chest, you can get the two most important parts of an outfit.  With the new heirloom legs, even non-robe wearers can create a nearly complete outfit!  I went with the “glyphed” set as the base for his leveling transmog- many of the pieces have lookalikes from Ashenvale quests starting at level 19.

Even with non-matching gloves, belt, and boots, it’s still a solid set.  With heirlooms, there’s no worry to have to constantly re-mog every time I get an upgrade, a definite bonus!

As soon as I am able to level my engineering, he’ll be getting some stylish goggles to cover up those green eyes.  As for the rest of his “endgame” outfit, well, if I can dream…

It will be a lot of dailies and reputation grinding to get him looking the way I want, and for the time being I’ll have to settle with the regular Argent Crusade tabard.  Still, it’s nice to have a project!

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