There are some great resources to transmogrification in the World of Warcraft available.

Wowhead has a database of transmogrification sets, and has been running a series of interactive guides:

WoW Insider has a transmogrification category with some great, non-tier posts. You might also find posts with the transmog tag, including Phat Lewt Friday posts.

Other great gear sites include:

  • WoW Roleplay Gear has assembled a lot of the “looks of Azeroth” by hand, and is a great guide for putting together specific looks.
  • Even though Keelhaul (aka The Mogfather) is no longer updating Disenchanting Azeroth, his visual evaluations of gear sets remain the best in the business.
  • Icy Veins has great visual compendium of each type of armor, broken apart by type and slot.

Have a site we should add? Put it in the comments!

One thought on “Resources

  1. Hai & Howdy Cynwise,
    I’m loving the new GMY weblog and I just want to toss out a quick /salute to you and all your work. I’m not sure if you forgot to mention this on your resource page but one of the tools I can’t live without when it comes to Tmogs is the addon Mogit. You can download it at

    Believe me, when it comes to Tmogs it is one addon I cannot live without.

    My Best,

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