Furious Ringmail Timepiece

So I finally got my freaking shield! It’s the Looking For Raid version, but it’s a big upgrade over the Ward of the Red Widow from Firelands! I’ve been doing LFR and Dragon Soul on normal for about 3 months now and this is the first time I’ve seen the shield drop. EVER. This event is doubly celebratory as I prefer the colors on the LFR version over the normal (and even heroic). If I end up picking up the Timepiece on normal, I will definitely transmog it to the LFR version.

So immediately after raid… okay the next morning… I set out to create an awesome transmog set to match this beautiful shield. But where to begin?

I recently realized that I’ve spent a small fortune in transmog fees. My gold stores had been getting low since my mount-buying binge, so I was not looking forward to spending more money on a mog set (that I may not keep longer than a week).

What’s a dorflady to do?

Rifle through her bags, bank, and Void Storage for suitable pieces >_>

The following set is what I’ve come up with and I think it matches the Timepiece very well. You’ll notice that almost half of my set is actually not mogged — I’ve turned off my helm and cloak displays; used my previous mog’s boots because they matched; and forgone wrist transmog because it just doesn’t show. Unfortunately, stupid Power Torrent covers up my mogged weapon, so you can’t exactly see how perfectly the Oscillating Power Hammer matches this outfit. It’s the only 1H mace (I believe) in this game that has purple as its main color. Yes, I squee’d when I found it :>

This mog set is pretty simple to achieve. You can buy the PVP gears from a vendor in Dalaran or the Argent Tournament grounds:

  • Shoulder: 591 JP
  • Chest: 935 JP
  • Hands: 591 JP
  • Total: 2117 JP

The costs are not exactly dirt cheap, so you will need to invest some time in acquiring the needed JP.

I think my favorite parts of this set are the deep purples and blues and the fact that my favorite belt model fits in nicely, color-wise, with the shoulders. So sweet.


4 thoughts on “Furious Ringmail Timepiece

  1. Dorfladies represent!

    This outfit matches that shield so well! I’m particularly enamored with the Ornate Belt in this ensemble. It looks so good over a “robe” (I refuse to consider anything made out of chainmail a real robe…) and brings out the gold in the shoulders quite well.

    Time to push my shammy through Northrend, methinks… 🙂

  2. I’ve been looking for an outfit to match this shield for ages, and never could come up with one.

    I hope you don’t mind that I adapted this outfit on my (female dwarf) shaman as well. However, I did find myself needing to mog my wrists to a smaller version, as the ones I had covered up a good portion of the robe arms with red. xD

    I didn’t like the mace either (there really aren’t any that match this set, oddly), so I went with a Diamond Hammer, (BoE World Drop), as the blue gem in it’s handle matches the blue gem in the shield, and the color matches the greyish blue tint of the armor/outside of the shield. :3

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