Stormwind’s Herald of the Titans

Recently I created a dwarf death knight over in Waypoint, to join in on Herald of the Titans fun. This week I finally got her geared up, gemmed and enchanted, which meant there was only one crucial task left – a transmog outfit!

Because Heralds are locked at 80, it was interesting looking at transmog options, since I wouldn’t be able to use most of the Cataclysm plate gear I’d gotten used to over the past year. Additionally, being Alliance-side meant that I’d be without my familiar Horde tabards!

(I also didn’t have a “bank” of transmog gear stashed away, since I haven’t been on this server very long, and this particular character has only been around for like a month.)

This was my first attempt at an outfit. Not terrible, fairly cohesive…but also pretty boring.

I did like the overall feel, but it was too bland. I also later ended up getting a different weapon, a 2-hand axe rather than sword.

I put the outfit aside for the time being and decided to find a great 2-hand axe first, then build the outfit around that. Fortunately, I got lucky at the Auction House and snagged the Glorious War-Axe for 25g, a real mogging bargain!

This iconic Burning Crusade axe fit my requirements perfectly – huge and cool looking, and also exactly the type of design to inspire an entire transmog set.

I saw the blue and gold colors and realized the Talonguard Gloves from my first attempt would match up very well. (I’m a big fan of the Talonguard set, having used the gloves before on my Horde death knight.) I had some more AH luck and grabbed the matching boots as well. Throw in the Fearless Girdle (which I had picked up during Outlands questing) and I was off to a good start!

With such a heavy blue/gold focus, I figured I HAD to go the Stormwind route. (Also, since I was actually playing Alliance and all that.) Not the horrible ugly city tabard though – I went with the much nicer Knight’s Colors instead, and threw in a chestpiece from Northrend that showed some yellow armor at the collarbone. This is plate armor! It doesn’t make any sense to have a huge, unarmored area right at your neck!

I knew the Shattershore Cloak would match the set perfectly, so I went and picked it up in Blasted Lands (about 15 quests). While I was doing this, I also queued for and ran a few Cataclysm regular dungeons, because I needed a few hundred more Justice Points to pick up the final, most important component – the shoulders.

I’d actually happened across the Pauldrons of the Cavalier (and its various recolors) long ago while browsing items in WoW Model Viewer, and I LOVED the look of them. Only after playing around with them for a while did I decide to Wowhead them, and learn they were Alliance-only, something that made me very sad. But here, finally, was my chance to actually use them! And not just use them, but use them as the finishing touch on this fun outfit.

As the additional the icing on the cake, during the last dungeon I ran to get enough Justice Points to purchase the Pauldrons, the Bind-on-Equip Alpheus Legguards dropped. Not only were they perfect for the transmog outfit, but I also genuinely needed them for my non-Herald gear. Added bonus – I was the only plate wearer in the group. It was fate.

Here’s the final gear list:

Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Cavalier (591 Justice Points)
Back – Shattershore Cloak (quest) or Cloak of the Devoured (C’Thun)
Chest – Chestguard of Salved Wounds (quest) or many others
Shirt – Stylish Black Shirt (60 silver)
Tabard – Knight’s Colors (100 Honor)
Hands – Talonguard Gloves (Bind-on-Equip green)
Waist – Girdle of Uther (Bind-on-Equip blue) or Fearless Girdle (quest)
Legs – Alpheus Legguards (Bind-on-Equip blue) or many others
Feet – Talonguard Greaves (Bind-on-Equip green)
Weapon – Glorious War-Axe (Bind-on-Equip green)

So bring it on, Algalon. You may be made of stars, but I look amazing.


3 thoughts on “Stormwind’s Herald of the Titans

  1. Ooooh, very nice! That axe is perfect for taking on Ulduar.

    I’m rather fond of the Chilled Shoulderplates in your first attempt outfit, but the T9 shoulders really make the final version look awesome.

    The more I see of the Talonguard set, the more I like it.

  2. Not a huge fan of the boots and gloves myself – that blue looks kinda washed out. I’d have gone with something gold to match the belt and legs. Also not a huge fan of that axe, but I’ll grant that Wrath’s axe models trend towards “RAAAR ORC SMASH”.

    I’ve always thought that the spiked cobalt set (the brown one) looks good on a dwarf with the Ironforge tabard; you can mix and match it with the “Artificial Gorilla Chest” set from leveling too. For a dwarf paladin, I’d go with the white-and-gold spiky northrend dungeon gear.

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